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A Solid Foundation for Building Excellence
Welcome To Aguiar Construction

Construction Planning
We understand how important it is to keep our customers informed. Through information on project progress, we work hard to provide you the fastest, smoothest and safest project completion.
Design Approval To Building Process
We do our best to make your project successful, with checkpoints along every step

Looking for quality and affordable construction services for your next project?

About Aguair Construction

Aguiar Construction Inc. is a commercial construction corporation offering expert services in construction and property maintenance. The company has had a long standing reputation as a construction and landscaping company in Southeastern Massachusetts

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Our Vision

Our philosophy and approach is
Integrity and commitment to you,
your needs and your organization.

We Our Services

Why Choose Us

We are a company that offers the best construction services for your projects

  • We are Passionate
  • Honest and Dependable
  • Always Improving

Our Works

We Are Providing:

Construction Planning:

Collaboration, strategies, scheduling and requirements

Project Management:

On-site supervision of plumbing, lighting install, HVAC, and environmentally conscious landscaping

Design Approval to Building Process:

Structural issues, demolition, site challenges

General Construction:

Accountability, teamwork, strict deadlines

Construction Management:

Objective, importance, timing and project delivery

Support Services:

Construction Site Security during project progression

Leading the way in building and civil construction

Aguiar takes pride in the many relationships established over the years and ensuring that we foster these relationships for years to come.
This is the way Aguiar does business